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The Mobility Innovation District - Washington, D.C.

How Circuit is Spearheading the Capital's Investment in Cutting-Edge Transportation Solutions 

Washington, D.C. is home to one of America's few established areas dedicated to advancing cutting-edge transportation technologies. The aptly named Mobility Innovation District (MID) is a part of the wider Southwest Business and Capital Riverfront Improvement District projects (SWBID and CRBID) along with the Office of Deputy Mayor that are reimagining southwest D.C. 

Circuit’s on-demand shuttle service, operating throughout the SWBID since June 2023, is a leading part of the MID initiative, providing 100% electric and affordable mobility.


Why Mobility Matters

Transportation insecurity is a significant issue nationwide and plays a direct role in holding back community development. Without reliable access to affordable transportation, accessing employment, essential medical services, and education becomes more difficult. “One in four adults nationwide lacks access to safe, reliable transportation,” notes D.C. Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio.

The Mobility Innovation District aims to directly test projects and services that address the difficulties faced by transportation systems, such as high costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Falcicchio continues, “The solutions we uncover will help create a more equitable city and create models that can be replicated nationally, so every Washingtonian and American can access opportunities and make the most of their fair shot.”

Integrating the MID into the city’s new development shows D.C.’s commitment to promoting innovative, equitable, and efficient transportation to its residents and visitors, especially for lower-income residents. 

Through mobility, the employment opportunities, economic activity, and recreation activities arising from the new development become accessible for the whole city to enjoy. 


Circuit's Innovative Solution

Operating throughout the MID, Circuit’s fleet of 8 electric shuttles can be ordered on-demand through the Ride Circuit app for a ride anywhere else in the geo-fenced coverage zone. Rides are also pooled, combining trips going in the same direction to increase efficiency and further cut back on congestion. DC Case Study 2

What sets Circuit apart from other ride-share services is we hire our drivers as employees directly from the community. This not only ensures that drivers are knowledgeable about the neighborhood and passionate about our mission but also has allowed Circuit to directly create more than 20 jobs. The increased mobility also promotes the local economy by facilitating increased commercial activity and employment opportunities.

The service is flexible and able to adapt to the city’s unique needs. Riders can also use an always-free fixed route service, supported by DC Central Kitchen, to help bring commuters and volunteers to the soup kitchen. In spring 2024, Circuit partnered with DC United to extend service hours to transport soccer fans to and from Audi Field.

United Soccer branded Circuit Shuttle posed in front of Audi Field

Though the standard fare is $2 per rider, the RideWell program offers completely free rides to qualifying low-income D.C. residents. Application to the program is intentionally easy: through an EBT Card, Discounted utility bill dated in the last 30 days, SSI/SSDI Statement of benefits, Medicaid Card, or VA Letter. Drivers are also equipped to help with the application process. DC Case Study 1-01

Circuit and the SWBID believe that everyone deserves equal access to transportation, and we are committed to providing a solution that is both practical and easy for everyone to use, including an ADA-accessible vehicle. Through providing accessible and equitable mobility and closing the last-mile gap left by existing transportation infrastructure, Circuit connects communities and helps to break down barriers to growth and opportunity.


How It's Going

Circuit’s service has seen significant success, surpassing 3,000 average monthly riders! Altogether, these rides reduce city congestion by replacing short-distance SOV (single occupancy vehicle) rides and taking cars off of D.C.’s roads. 35% of rides are pooled, further increasing the service efficiency and helping keep the average wait time per ride below 10 minutes. 

D.C.’s residents and tourists are loving the shuttles, giving Circuit a 4.85 / 5 average rating. Here’s what one happy rider had to say:


"My family loves riding Circuit so much! Finally, a way to get from Navy yard to the Wharf for people accessibility issues. Thanks for solving the last-mile problem."

—D.C. Rider

Our RideWell program has been effective in promoting free rides to low-income residents, having given over 5,000 free rides to eligible riders, and saving them over $12,000 in fares since launching the program in late 2023. 

Since opening, Circuit’s 100% electric shuttles have saved  D.C. 42 metric tons of CO2 emissions. That’s the equivalent of 107,418 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle or the amount of CO2 sequestered by 49 acres of forest in one year. 



D.C.’s Mobility Innovation District is revolutionizing transportation services not only for the city but is laying the groundwork for more efficient transportation nationwide. 

Our Circuit shuttle service will help the Southwest Riverfront transition into a people-first accessible neighborhood, cutting back on congestion and making the most of the new high-density development. This innovative service can serve as a scalable model for D.C. and other cities looking to invest in innovative transportation and has the potential to reduce GHG emissions and congestion.


Interested in transforming your community through innovative transportation solutions? Reach out to our team here.



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Circuit Team

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