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Why do we hire employee drivers?


Circuit is more than just a ridesharing app, we aim to connect communities through mobility and create new avenues for community members. Our mission begins with our drivers, who, unlike most other ridesharing platforms, are hired employees, not contractors.


What is the difference between staffed and contracted drivers? 

Independently contracted drivers can set their working hours and are paid per ride, though they aren’t technically employees of the company. W2 employee drivers work directly for the company, are paid an hourly wage or salary, and can be eligible to receive certain insurance and tax benefits often unavailable to contracted workers. Unlike other transportation network companies (TNCs), Circuit hires all of our drivers as direct full-time or part-time W2 employees and pays them hourly, not by the ride. Hiring independent drivers may be quick and easy, but employee drivers are valuable team members themselves and are necessary to build communities on the road and off.

Have you ever noticed you never get the same Uber or Lyft driver twice? Contracted drivers may go long distances to meet demand, and with such high numbers of drivers, there's not much of an opportunity to build a relationship with the person giving you a ride. With staffed drivers, Circuit riders can build relationship with the drivers in their community.


What are the benefits of hiring employee drivers?

Circuit aims to provide our riders, partners, and drivers with premium experiences that benefit respective communities holistically, and can do this thanks to the management and quality control that hiring W2 employees allows. Every driver is chosen and trusted by Circuit, with thorough background checks and rigorous safety training so that they can provide the best service possible.

With employee drivers, Circuit has guaranteed cars and drivers on the road. Independent contractors are focused on the number and length of every trip they accept, whereas Circuit drivers are willing to pick up any ride, no matter how short.

Circuit upholds excellent quality for every ride, and for this reason, our drivers are officially known as Driver Ambassadors. As the riders’ first point of contact with Circuit, the drivers reflect our solution-oriented and passionate company culture. Friendly, engaging, and helpful Driver Ambassadors take pride in being part of the Circuit team, ensuring every ride is enjoyable. 

B Roll Driver Showing Rider App - 2023


Community Driven Mobility

At Circuit we say “Last mile, Community First” – especially when hiring our Driver Ambassadors. Their local expertise makes them excellent ambassadors for tourist riders and supportive advocates for local communities. Creating local jobs uplifts communities as we increase access to mobility. 

Every Circuit location consists of a specialized team of locally recruited managers, supervisors, and drivers committed to maintaining service excellence and operational benchmarks. Circuit's hands-on approach and experienced dedicated managerial supervision ensure the delivery of premium customer service, which can be challenging to accomplish with an independent contractor model due to the lack of rigorous oversight, potentially compromising service quality and safety standards.

Regular riders love seeing their drivers on the road. Riders often build lasting relationships with drivers, knowing them by name. Our drivers are more than people behind the wheel, but tour guides, neighbors, and friends – creating a community feel on each ride.


"Our driver was cheerful, amazing and so helpful in explaining how Circuit works. The ride was great and definitely recommended!"

—Fort Lauderdale Rider


Our Driver Ambassadors are fully trained through Circuit’s curriculum covering specific local contexts, EV operations, passenger and vehicle safety, and emergency management. Adaptive management, policy adjustment, and evaluation keep policies current and our drivers on the right track, adapting to any changes in routes, traffic, or weather conditions. Circuit also uses rider reviews and ratings as insight when improving policy, training, and services. Other TNCs platforms do not have this level of insight, but our driver training ensures safe and comfortable rides with each Driver Ambassador.

The Driver Ambassador program has been extremely successful, with satisfied riders rating the service an average of 4.89/5. 


"We loved visiting San Diego and getting around using Circuit!"

—San Diego Rider

Wilton Manors 1 - 2023

Our riders’ experience is not our only priority. Our Driver Ambassadors are an integral part of our mission and team, so their satisfaction is paramount to our success. The hiring process guarantees the drivers share Circuit’s core values and are committed to improving mobility in their communities. We have happy teams in every market of service and over the past 18 months a retention rate of 88% among Driver Ambassadors. Driver Ambassadors enjoy their work, creating a happy atmosphere for everyone involved.

“Circuit is the ultimate community appreciation vessel. Not only am I fortunate to drive with the southern California backdrop of beautiful palm trees, beaches and sunsets, but I also get to be a real asset to the culture in the neighborhood. It's always a positive vibe while riding in the Circuit car and I'm happy to be able to provide that to the community.”

- California Driver

Our employee drivers guarantee continuity and quality control through every step of the rider journey. Driver Ambassadors are the face of the Circuit brand and are committed to our mission: providing last-mile connections and bringing communities together. In turn, Circuit is committed to bringing local employment to the communities it supports. 

If you’re interested in connecting your community through innovative all-electric transportation solutions, reach out to the Circuit team today.. If you’d like to join our team of hard-working Driver Ambassadors, get more information here.


Anthony Fernandez

Anthony Fernandez

Head of Operations
Passionate about connecting communities through innovative mobility solutions

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