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Electrifying Urban Mobility: San Diego's Sustainable Transportation Solution

Free Ride Everywhere Downtown: How Circuit is Helping San Diego's Climate Initiative through Sustainable Transit 

Circuit has been a proud partner of the City of San Diego bringing 100% electric microtransit solutions to its bustling downtown since 2016. 8 years later, FRED–Free Ride Everywhere Downtown– is an innovative program that connects San Diego’s residents and visitors with efficient, eco-friendly and accessible shuttles.

Serving over 14,000 riders a month, it has proven successful and well received by San Diegans. Now, Circuit is playing an important role in San Diego’s plan to emerge as a leader in climate sustainability and people-first transportation accessibility. 


San Diego's Climate Initiative

San Diego is ambitiously aiming to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, as outlined in the 2022 Climate Action Plan. Included in the city’s plans are efforts to promote sustainable modes of transportation, aiming for 50% of vehicles to be emissions-free, 10% transit mode share of all residents’ trips, and an 8% total reduction of vehicle miles traveled by 2030.

FRED has proven to be a powerful tool for the plan, reducing carbon emissions, removing cars from the roads, and increasing transit usage. Zipping through downtown, the quiet, safe, and fun shuttles transport riders seamlessly without emitting any greenhouse gases. Anyone can hop on by ordering a ride through the Circuit app or by waving down a shuttle on the street, and pooled rides help maximize capacity efficiency. 

Funded by the City of San Diego and subsidized by advertising revenue, FRED’s entirely free service is accessible to all. Circuit is proud to partner with a city committed to supporting eco-friendly transportation and community connections.


Rides That Make a Difference 

FRED’s impact is tangible and measurable, providing both economic and environmental benefits to San Diego.

The service has avoided as many greenhouse gas emissions as are sequestered by 1,518 acres of forest in one year! 

The mobility that FRED facilitates boosts the local economy by connecting people to commercial activities and employment opportunities. The FRED program has created over 30 jobs, supporting important sustainable occupations in the city. 

The city’s investment in sustainable transportation not only increases the quality of life for its residents, but serves as a powerful example for other cities to follow as they look to combat the climate crisis.


People First

Circuit is committed to connecting communities through accessible, equitable, and environmentally friendly transit solutions. With a 4.9/5 average rating, San Diego loves FRED. Here’s what riders have to say about Circuit’s service:


"A very pleasant surprise for navigating downtown San Diego."
"If I could I would give them 10 stars! We enjoy the ride every time!"


Facilitating access for people to commercial activities, entertainment, dining, and education, FRED saves time and money. In fact, least 34% of rides are to essential services like grocery stores and pharmacies, showing how FRED works to support local residents. All together, 86% of people surveyed said the service helps them drive less and save money on transportation.

With 37% of riders reporting to be visiting the city, it’s also popular with tourists. Circuit drivers are hired locally, making them the perfect knowledgeable and friendly tour guides for visitors to San Diego. Some of the most frequented destinations served are Petco Park, the San Diego Ports, hotels, and connections to other transportation stations. 


Connecting San Diego

FRED has helped to revolutionize and revitalize San Diego's transportation system. Closing the last mile gap between existing public transit services like bus stops and people's final destinations in the city, Circuit is working to make getting around in San Diego easier.

Several MTS transit stops/hubs rank among the service’s most-frequented locations. Between drop-offs and pickups, FRED averages 1,800 transit connections monthly. The service complements existing infrastructure to make the whole city more accessible. 

San Diego's downtown partnership with Circuit has also inspired other municipalities in the county. Carlsbad, Chula Vista, National City, Oceanside, Pacific Beach have all followed suit and partnered with Circuit for their own sustainable mobility solutions. All together, Circuit provides 31,000 monthly rides throughout San Diego county. 


FRED is an innovative solution to downtown congestion by being an attractive and convenient alternative to private vehicle use. Through this cutting edge service, the city is leading the charge towards sustainable transportation as it works towards its goal of net-zero emissions by 2035.

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Mark Iannon

Mark Iannon

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