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3 Cities Empowering Equity Through Mobility

Trenton, NJ; Washington, DC; and Chula Vista, CA, are partnering with Circuit to bring specially tailored, 100% electric mobility solutions to their communities. 


Transportation is a key necessity for everyday life. It facilitates employment, provides access to essential services like medical care and education, and allows communities to flourish.

The lack of adequate transportation infrastructure leads to inequities when some groups are unable to access all the benefits of city living. The unfortunate truth is that many American cities are designed around driving personal vehicles and inherently exclude those who cannot afford or cannot drive a personal vehicle. 

3 cities–Trenton, NJ; Washington, DC; and Chula Vista, CA–are showing their commitment to repair historic inequities in their cities’ brought about by gaps in transportation infrastructure. Through partnering with Circuit, these cities are pioneering all-electric, affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient mobility solutions for their communities.

Trenton, NJ: GoTrenton!

The capital of New Jersey, like many other American cities, suffers inequities from decades of car-centric development. 30% of Trenton households report having no private vehicles and find transportation access a significant challenge. Trenton residents also face disproportionate rates of asthma as a result of the poor air quality in the city. That’s where Circuit comes in!

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In collaboration with Isles Inc. and the City, GoTrenton! is making the city greener and more accessible to all residents, especially those without cars or who are unable to drive. The state’s first electric micro-transit service operates 6 fare-free shuttles through the Circuit App, connecting the city and reducing carbon emissions. Combining on-demand hailing with pooled rides features allows the service more flexibility than traditional fixed-route services while remaining time and energy-efficient. The service also boosts local economic activity through mobility and by hiring drivers directly from the community.

GoTrenton! has been successful in increasing overall transportation access for the city, boasting over 2,000 monthly riders. The top 3 ride destinations are the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Trenton Transit Center, and grocery stores. Not only connecting residents to other transportation hubs (closing the last-mile gap), GoTrenton! directly provides access to services and resources that would otherwise be difficult without affordable transportation options. 

Here's what Ben Haygood, Isles Director of Policy & Partnerships has to say: 

Isles is proud to work with Circuit to provide Trenton with one of the first fully electric, subsidized rideshare efforts in the country to serve low-income, overburdened communities. Not only does GoTrenton! improve overall economic revitalization, it addresses the disproportionate asthma rates that Trenton residents experience by reducing air pollution in the city.


Washington, DC: RideWell

Through the RideWell program, Circuit offers completely free rides to low-income families in Washington, DC. Riders can apply for the program easily using EBT documentation or other proof of eligibility, and drivers are also equipped to help with the application process. Otherwise, the standard fare is still only $2!

Circuit vehicle in front of Washington, DC cherry blossons and the Washington Monument

In partnership with the Southwest Business Improvement District, the program operates in DC’s Southwest Waterfront neighborhood as part of the Mobility Innovation District. The aim of the project is to reimagine this part of the city into a mixed-use business, residential, and tourist destination. By supporting low-income riders, DC demonstrates its commitment to inclusive and equitable redevelopment, closing accessibility gaps to leave no groups behind.

The MID (Mobility Innovation District) is all about purpose-driven innovation – at the end of the day, we want to make it safer and easier for everyone to get where they need to go. Equity is a core tenant of our program and together with Circuit, we created the Ridewell program to offer unlimited free rides for qualifying DC riders. Since the program’s launch, we’ve had over 300 neighbors sign up to receive free rides and the number only continues to grow

-Lexie Albe, Deputy Executive Director at Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID)

Circuit has been very successful through the Ridewell program, having given over 5,000 free rides to eligible riders, and saving them over $12,000 in fares since launching the program in late 2023. 

Chula Vista, CA: Community Shuttle for Seniors 

The Chula Vista Community Shuttle is making strides in age equity with its free service for residents over the age of 55. Before April 2024 the shuttles were exclusively for those 55+, but recently it is open to rides below the age of 55 for a $2 fare. 

Community seniors and the elderly often face significant mobility challenges in car-centric cities, as many are unable to or uncomfortable driving independently. Comprising a fleet of 4 vehicles, the Community Shuttle offers door-to-door service to medical services, community spaces, and grocery stores, making the whole city more accessible. 

In 2023, before the expansion of service to all ages, the Community Shuttle impressively averaged over 2,100 monthly riders! 


"I am so blessed and grateful for this service! When I call them, they come more quickly than the rideshares I have to pay for! They are reliable and very kind. Thank you, Chula Vista Circuit, for the great service you provide for Seniors!"

—Chula Vista Rider


Funded by the California Climate Investments and Clean Mobility Options programs, as well as the Community Congregational Development Corporation (CCDC), the all-electric Chula Vista Community Shuttle is also helping the state’s transition towards a cleaner future.

Transportation Equity Matters 

At Circuit, our mission is to connect communities through sustainable mobility options and help them thrive. Though often overlooked, transportation is a common area of inequity across the nation, one that we actively partner with cities to address. Trenton, DC and Chula Vista are just three of the over 40 cities and communities partnering with Circuit to improve access through mobility.

If you’re interested in learning more about creative transportation solutions to improve your community, reach out to the Circuit team today.

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Circuit Team

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