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New Rochelle’s Sustainable Smart City Transformation


As many cities are just beginning to plan for a future of climate change, New Rochelle has been committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions since 2009. As the city now undergoes a remarkable redevelopment of its Downtown Corridor, building thousands of new housing units and fostering an environment of community and innovation, it continues to incorporate sustainability every step along the way. 

In 2019, Circuit partnered with the City of New Rochelle to provide 100% micro-transit services, creating direct connections to the City’s Downtown and beyond, helping the city with its transformation into one of the Northeast’s smartest eco-friendly cities. This sustainable partnership even helped the City receive the Clean Air NY award in 2020. 


Climate Smart Community Redevelopment

New Rochelle is investing in improving its community in the face of climate change and the challenges it poses. Through local climate action initiatives, the city has shown its commitment to transition to carbon neutrality, mitigating ecological damage, and improving the overall quality of life and health for its residents. 

In October 2023, the City of New Rochelle was honored with the Bronze-level Climate Smart Community certification by the State of New York. This program provides grants to support New York municipalities invest in green infrastructure and sustainable community projects, and recognizes the cities and towns committed to climate friendliness. 

Some of New Rochelle’s green projects that helped it achieve Bronze-level Climate Smart Community status include the redevelopment of a 6-lane highway into a pedestrian-friendly greenway, installing EV charging stations across the city, and promoting waste reduction policies. The City also credits its partnership with Circuit for its free and 100% electric shuttle service as an innovative micro-transit transportation solution. New Rochelle’s transformation into a smart people-first sustainable city, a model for other cities to follow suit.


Supporting the Community Through Green Mobility

As New Rochelle undergoes a remarkable redevelopment of its Downtown Corridor to build thousands of new housing units and foster a sustainable environment of community and innovation, Circuit’s services create direct connections to the City’s Downtown and beyond. All of the City’s 30 redevelopment projects, as well as the New Rochelle Transit Center, are within Circuit’s operating area! 

For zero cost, Circuit takes riders anywhere within the coverage area zone through our on-demand app or by waving down a driver. The service eliminates the last-mile problem, filling gaps between infrastructure and promoting overall community mobility and accessibility. Circuit doesn’t replace existing transportation services but complements them, connecting to existing bus and rail stations and beyond. 

Investing in public transportation brings countless benefits to cities, like employment opportunities, education, and access to essential services like healthcare, and brings communities together. Being fare-free, the Circuit service further eliminates barriers to transportation and highlights New Rochelle’s commitment to improving its residents' quality of life and opportunities to succeed.


How It's Going

With 6 electric shuttles and a 2021 service area expansion, Circuit has seen considerable success in New Rochelle. Today, Circuit provides over 3,000 average monthly rides, with 40% of those rides being shared. These pooled rides increase the efficiency of the service by combining trips headed in the same direction–a smart and eco-friendly solution to congestion. 

Circuit is committed to supporting communities, and not just through mobility. We hire our drivers directly from the cities they serve, creating local employment opportunities and always giving back to the community. In New Rochelle, Circuit has created 10 W2 jobs. 

90% of riders are New Rochelle locals, highlighting its integration into resident’s daily routines. With an average ride rating of 4.86, here’s what some of them had to say: 


"One of the city's 'smartest' investments to date"
"[Circuit offers] equitable access to vaccination sites and medical care"
"After a long day of work[...] it was very convenient and comfortable"

—New Rochelle Riders


Circuit is a valuable asset in the City's mission towards net-zero carbon emissions, already having saved over 75 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. 


As New Rochelle continues its remarkable transformation, the partnership with Circuit exemplifies how innovative solutions can address the dual challenges of climate change and mobility accessibility. By integrating a 100% electric shuttle service into the city's infrastructure, New Rochelle not only enhances connectivity and convenience for its residents but also furthers its commitment to sustainability.

New Rochelle is setting a benchmark for smart city development, showcasing that climate-smart transportation solutions can enhance mobility, reduce carbon footprints, and improve the quality of life for all residents. This model of sustainable urban redevelopment is not only a testament to New Rochelle's forward-thinking vision but also a blueprint for other cities aiming to create resilient and inclusive communities.


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