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Catch a ride in our Hollywood West service by downloading our app or by texting 561-281-7236 with your ride details. This location has fare of $2.00 per person.

If you are looking for a ride in eastern Hollywood, east of City Hall, you need to request from our Hollywood East location. To see that separate service area, click here

To catch a ride from western Hollywood to eastern Hollywood, we offer a weekend express service. Rides on the Weekend Express service must be booked through this form.

Top Attractions

Aerial Shot of Hollywood Beach

  • City Hall Circle
  • Hollywood Mall
  • Park East
  • Lawn Acres
  • Yellow Green Farmers Market
  • Local shops and restaurants

Case Study

For over four years Hollywood's Sun Shuttle has been exceeding expectations. See how Hollywood's program has helped other Florida cities build similar mobility programs in our case study here.


How much does it cost to ride?

Circuit aims to be the lowest cost option for your about-town mobility needs. Instead of charging a premium for electric vehicles, we believe it should cost less. At Circuit we work closely with cities, transportation partners and advertisers to subsidize the service so it’s either an affordable fare or free! Happy riding!

Why does my location ask for my credit card?

In some markets, riders pay a small fee to contribute to the service. If your location asks for payment information, it is one that we now charge a small fee for. Be sure to keep an eye out for promo codes, sponsored by our advertisers, that will allow you to ride free during their supported campaigns!

Do I have to tip drivers?

Gratuities for drivers are appreciated but never required and are completely at your discretion. In most markets, Circuit is free thanks to our sponsors on the interior and exterior of our cars. If you would like to show your appreciation to any of our sponsors, we recommend sending them a message on social media.

Do I have to use the app, or is there another way (what if I don’t have a smartphone)?

You are welcome to hail or flag down a ride with us, although, there are some things to keep in mind. Drivers must have a safe, accessible, and legal space to pull over and pick you up. App requests take priority over our flag down service and as such, riders inside the vehicle may request drivers not stop to pick up other passengers.

Can I schedule my ride in advance?

We love getting you where you need to go, but as an on-demand service, we do not currently book/schedule rides in advance. When you are ready to ride simply send us a request via the Circuit app or wave down a friendly driver!

I'm visiting from outside the USA, can I use Circuit service?

Yes, Circuit service is available for anyone visiting our service areas. However, the Circuit app is only available from the US Android Play Store and Apple App Store, some international users must temporarily change the country in which their account is registered to download the app. To learn how to make this change on Android devices, click here, to make this change on iOS devices, click here.

When will Circuit come to my city?

Service in all locations is paid for by our amazing city and advertising partners, on whom we rely to launch new cities. If you’re interested in helping us launch Circuit service in your city please get in touch by filling out our New Service Form.

Can kids join the ride?

We love having kids along for the ride but our priority is to keep them safe so our vehicles follow individual state car seat and child passenger laws. Please find the basic requirements below along with links to full state regulations. If your child does not meet state requirements they must be secured in a car seat or booster seat provided by a parent or guardian to comply.

CaliforniaMassachusetts, & New Jersey

Children must be 8 years of age OR have reached 4’9” in height to be secured by a safety belt.


Children must be 5 years of age to be secured by a safety belt.

New YorkDistrict of Columbia

Children must be 8 years of age to be secured by a safety belt.


Children must be secured in a booster seat until the safety belt fits them properly (usually between 10-12 years of age).


Children over height 4’9” must be secured by a properly fitted seat belt (typically starting at 8-12 years old).

Can pets join the ride?

We love having pets along for the ride but welcome them at the discretion of each individual driver and the other passengers in the vehicle. Please speak with your driver when they arrive to confirm it is acceptable and remember to follow this pet etiquette:

-Pets are not allowed on seats
-Your pet must stay on your lap or on the floor between your legs at all times
-Pets must remain inside the vehicle at all times

Are Circuit cars electric?

Yes! Circuit uses 100% electric vehicles. We use a wide range of electric vehicles for our services, including electric vans, sedans, and low-speed neighborhood vehicles.


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