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Fostering Unity through Transportation and Community

From Shuttles to Community: Circuit's Mission in Action at Pride of the Americas

I had the chance to attend an important international event that brought together influential leaders who are champions of LGBTQ rights and the Pride movement. As part of my work with Circuit in South Florida, I was honored to meet and engage with them.

Pride of the Americas came to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, February 11th, and brought a host of leaders, activists, and people like you and me. These folks came from Mexico, the UK, Brazil, Washington DC, and many other nations, all to support a group of people who are often treated differently and with prejudice.

When I arrived, Commissioner Steve Glassman of Fort Lauderdale greeted my wife and me and thanked us for being there to show support. He also immediately praised Circuit and shared his love of the cars and the service in and around Fort Lauderdale. We spoke for a bit, and then other dignitaries began to arrive, all with quiet anticipation and gratitude to be sharing in this experience.

We gathered together to be taken in Circuit cars to the parade, and anticipation was building. As the Circuit cars paraded in, there was a communal sigh of relief and an audible “hurray!” Circuit’s own Fleet Manager, Camille, even went the extra mile and put a bubble-making machine on the back of one of the vehicles. Everyone loved it, and many were taking selfies with the bubbles!

Together, we can create a community where everyone feels welcome and has equal access to transportation, jobs, and opportunities to support the environment.
— City of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner, Steven Glassman

So much joy filled the air between the Circuit employees and the international dignitaries. It was a rare excitement and a shared sense that we were all taking part in something bigger than ourselves, something needed in today's world. The shared enthusiasm even spilled into conversations about how cities can get Circuit in their communities.

Isn’t it great when business can inspire community development and it can welcome new opportunities? At Pride of the Americas, the City of Fort Lauderdale and Circuit fostered unity with dignitaries from many diverse communities.

Circuit’s mission is to provide equal access to transportation, jobs, and give everyone the opportunity to support the environment in a practical way. I realized this mission in action when I met with the dignitaries. We are all in this together and we want the same thing - to feel welcome. Pride of the Americas, Visit Lauderdale, and the City of Fort Lauderdale have a theme that all are welcome, and I think we all felt that on Saturday.

Karen Jernigan

Karen Jernigan

Business Development Lead
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