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ZenWTR and Circuit Begin Innovative Media Partnership

August 2, 2023 - ZenWTR, the world's first and only water bottled with 100% recycled, certified, ocean-bound plastic, and Circuit, a leading electric shuttle service, have joined forces in a new media partnership. This collaboration seamlessly integrates outdoor media, digital marketing, experiential activations, and product sampling to create a powerful and sustainable advertising campaign that will captivate and engage communities.

This summer, ZenWTR is proudly sponsoring Circuit cars in the Hamptons and Santa Monica, providing passengers with eco-friendly transportation and a memorable brand experience. This partnership blends the visibility of Circuit's eye-catching electric cars, the targeted reach of digital marketing through in-app and post-ride ads, and immersive experiential activations. Circuit riders will be treated to a complimentary ZenWTR bottle, allowing them to enjoy the refreshing taste of sustainable hydration during their journey. 

"ZenWTR is revolutionizing the water industry with its commitment to recycled bottles, while Circuit is transforming the transportation industry with low-cost, eco-friendly shared shuttles," said Lance Collins, Founder of ZenWTR. "Together, our companies are creating an innovative media campaign that will undoubtedly capture the attention and appreciation of the communities we serve."

This pioneering partnership demonstrates the power of combining sustainability with cutting-edge advertising techniques. By leveraging Circuit's prominent presence on the streets, ZenWTR's impactful messaging will be showcased to a wide audience. The targeted digital marketing efforts will engage passengers before, during, and after their rides, ensuring a seamless and memorable brand experience.

"Together, our companies are creating an innovative media campaign that will undoubtedly capture the attention and appreciation of the communities we serve."
— Lance Collins, Founder of ZenWTR

"On the heels of a rebrand, we are fortunate to collaborate with ZenWTR for a third season.  Each of our brands have been early to adopt game changing sustainability practices in our industries and it has made for a perfect partnership." said Alyson Brown, VP of Brand Partnerships at Circuit. "This unique media partnership allows us to create an engaging and impactful advertising campaign that resonates with our environmentally conscious audience."

ZenWTR and Circuit are leaders in their respective industries, championing sustainability and innovation. By combining their strengths, they have created a media campaign that will stand out and be utilized and appreciated by the communities they serve.


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About ZenWTR:

ZenWTR, founded by esteemed beverage entrepreneur Lance Collins, is the world's first and only beverage in a bottle made from 100% recycled, certified, ocean-bound plastic. Since its launch in 2020, ZenWTR has been committed to rescuing 50 million pounds of ocean-bound plastic by 2025. With every 1L bottle made from up to 5 certified ocean-bound plastic bottles, ZenWTR aims to prevent plastic pollution while supporting ocean conservation initiatives. For more information, visit www.zenwtr.com.

About Circuit:

Circuit is an electric micro-transit solution that provides first/last-mile transportation in cities across the United States. By operating electric cars, Circuit offers eco-friendly mobility options that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With over 6 million rides provided to date, Circuit is dedicated to transforming transportation into a sustainable and efficient experience. For more information, visit www.ridecircuit.com.

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Circuit Team

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