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Drive to Retail: Increase Visibility with Circuit OOH

A leading fashion brand partnered with Circuit to create an interactive and engaging outdoor advertising experience. With wrapped shuttles running in a popular shopping destination, the brand’s retail location saw a overall visitation lift during the campaign.

Circuit's high impact vehicles offer a unique opportunity to engage with consumers in a meaningful way. More than a billboard, Circuit's advertising solutions offer an exciting way to garner impressions and drive conversions. With a store located in the middle of Circuit's service area, consumers were able to take the branded vehicle directly to the retail location and make their purchases!

major fashion brand increases store visitation by 151% with Circuit


One leading fashion brand partnered with Circuit to gain brand awareness and support retail store traffic in the iconic Hamptons throughout the high summer season.


Dominate high traffic points of interest and thoroughfares using Circuit wrapped vehicles to make an impact among a hard to reach, affluent audience. The Hamptons markets have reduced opportunities for OOH media, so Circuit's vehicles stand out and make a lasting impression on consumers.


After studying the impact of the campaign, we found that the brand’s two branded Circuit shuttles garnered a 151% overall visitation lift. Consumers were 2.48x more likely to visit the store location after being exposed to the campaign.  

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Media that makes an impact


Circuit's advertising opportunities offer a unique way to connect to the communities you care about. Boost impressions, drive sales, and make a difference in the world. Circuit's vehicles are all-electric, meaning your campaign will be helping the environment while providing an essential service.

If you’re interested in learning more about creative advertising solutions to boost your brand, reach out to the Circuit team today.

Circuit Team

Circuit Team

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