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Big News!  We’re excited to announce that we are re-branding The Free Ride (TFR) with the new name “Circuit”.

It’s an exciting time for our team.  In 2011, we started out as a simple, ad-supported beach shuttle in East Hampton. Since then we've worked closely with forward thinking municipalities and some of the world's top brands to build an innovative first/last-mile transportation service that's given over 2.5mm rides. We're now in over 20 cities around the US, including New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Santa Monica, San Diego, Denver, Boston and more.

By offering free, all-electric shuttles in dense city centers, we’re making a positive impact on our communities every day.  This growth has inspired us to take on a newer, more memorable brand that encompasses all that the service has become, and where it’s going.


With the help of our riders, drivers, advertising sponsors and transportation partners TFR has grown up over the years.  It’s not just about getting a “free lift” anymore (don’t worry, the rides will still be free!). We’re making a bigger impact by connecting people short distances, getting them out of their cars, and providing a sustainable and fun solution that’s making an impact on congestion and the environment. Did you know that one third of all vehicle trips in this country are under two miles and that US Motorists spend 17 hrs/year looking for parking?  

The Circuit brand shows how we can be innovative, eco-friendly, and focus on the value of connections that make up the fabric of any city.  Congestion is at an all-time high, and the more we can easily connect people to their destinations, the less cars we’ll have on the road and the better our cities will be.  That’s a win for everyone.


If you’re a current user, changes to the app will appear automatically the next time you update your apps.

If you are downloading the app for the first time, you can search us under the new name Circuit.

Going forward you can interact with us here:

WEBSITE: www.ridecircuit.com

APP: Circuit

INSTAGRAM: @ride_circuit


Yes!  We’re not changing the name to charge our riders, but to focus on the bigger picture of enabling more seamless, accessible and efficient transportation in cities everywhere.  

Thanks for being a part of this exciting next step!